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Nursing as a profession

Nursing is an extremely rewarding and emotionally satisfying career option for young people who have a genuine and abiding passion for serving the society. As members of the modern healthcare team, nurses render a significant service in promoting health, preventing illness, and treating the sick and the injured. Nursing is a highly noble profession that demands utmost dedication, discipline, simplicity and professional conduct. Treating patients with compassion, commitment, and motherly care is in fact the cornerstone of nursing profession. Besides, the transformative and healing power of nurses also plays a decisive role in achieving good patient outcomes.

One of the foremost responsibilities of a nurse is to care for patients with respect and empathy and also to lend support to their kith and kin during such trying times. Today, nursing has become a much sought-after profession and nurses are in great demand across the hospitals and healthcare centres in the world. In the modern healthcare scenario, large numbers of trained nurses are required to fill responsible positions in bedside nursing services, and as researchers, seeking new and effective ways of meeting the diverse needs of patients. The pay package and conditions of service of nurses are also attractive as compared to those in other fields of employment with similar educational qualifications.

Today nursing has become a highly respected and skilled profession demanding specialized technical knowledge of the highest order and dexterity on the part of the practitioner. Promptness of action, ability to tackle complicated situations with ease and confidence, and staying current with the latest developments in the field are some of the other essential attributes that make a good nurse. The modern nurse shoulders numerous responsibilities and is quite well-informed about cutting-edge healthcare technology, advanced surgical procedures, critical care of severely ill patients, scientific research, and healthcare policies. Nursing is a fast developing field, with tremendous opportunities for nurse practitioners, DNP and PhD nurses, nurse educators, and nurse researchers.

Nursing is in fact a science and an art. It is a vocation, which harmoniously blends the two aspects. The role of a nurse in community health, child welfare, and family planning is gaining greater importance day by day.

Although nursing is a distinct profession, it is complementary to medicine and surgery. An advanced nursing degree opens up a world of possibilities for you. Besides, it is a wonderful opportunity to serve your fellow beings. With the appropriate skills and knowledge, nurses can make a substantial difference for patients, communities, and national healthcare environment. So, if you have the necessary background, you are invited to take up this exciting career.
The Credence School of Nursing, founded in October 2011, is one of the leading nursing colleges in Kerala. The institute, recognized by the Indian Nursing Council and Kerala Nursing Council, offers courses in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) and Post Basic Diploma in Neonatal Nursing.

At the Credence School of Nursing, we constantly ensure the inclusive development of students through curricular and extracurricular activities. We use the most cutting-edge and innovative educational technology for classroom teaching. In addition to practical training, students also get exposure to a wide range of clinical conditions, and hands-on training in the various nursing procedures under the expert guidance of medical and nursing teachers.

Our mission

We are totally committed to the pursuit of excellence in nursing education, scientific research, and improving the leadership skills of our students. We consistently stress the importance of maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics in patient care. The high-quality technical education that we impart to our students emphasizes the significance of compassion, discipline and empathy in the nursing field.


  • To provide safe, compassionate and high-quality nursing care in different kinds of settings so as to ensure professional development.
  • To promote qualitative clinical learning experience
  • To promote scientific research
  • To ensure the active participation of students, as members of healthcare team, by integrating the values in the various healthcare delivery systems.
  • To foster leadership skills in nursing practice.
  • To foster skills in teaching, management, and nursing research suitable for the level of course.


Dr Kochuthresiamma Thomas Msc (N), PhD

Mrs Sreelekha Satheesh Bsc (N)

Mrs Smitharani G V Msc (N)
(Post Basic Diploma Program)

Mrs Sangeetha V R Bsc (N)

Mrs Saritha S R Bsc (N)

Mrs Ginila G Msc (N)


General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)


The course is designed to impart thorough theoretical and practical knowledge to the students with a view to make them dedicated, responsive, and professionally efficient. One of the core objectives of the course is to instil a sincere passion for service among students so that they consider nursing as a means to serve the community rather than a mere career.

To cater to these primary objectives, the students are given adequate exposure to the following:-
  • Fundamentals of nursing including functions of hospitals, nurse-patient relationship, nursing responsibilities and care of patients.
  • Systematic analysis of healthcare problems.
  • Fundamental principles of administration and organization of nursing services.
  • Social and ethical obligations to the society.
  • Acquisition of competency in the skills and techniques of nursing based on concepts and principles from selected areas of physical, biological and behavioural sciences.
  • Assessing health status, identifying nursing needs, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care for patients to contribute to the health of individuals and families in particular and community in general.
  • Participation as members of healthcare team in the promotive, preventive, and restorative healthcare delivery system of the country.
  • Need for continued learning for personal and professional development.
  • Skills in teaching, management, interpersonal relations, communication, and computer applications.
  • Importance of ethical values in personal and professional life.

Eligibility for admission

A candidate seeking admission to the GNM Course should meet the following qualifications and requirements:-
  • Should be a resident of any state in India.
  • An academic qualification of Pass in Plus Two Examination or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as optional subjects with minimum aggregate of 40% marks. In the absence of candidates with the above qualification, a pass in Plus Two Examination or its equivalent with any other group as optional subjects with an aggregate mark of 40% may be considered.
  • Should not be less than 17 years of age and not more than 35 years as on 1st October 2015. Upper age limit will be relaxed up to 5 years in the case of Backward Communities. Only the records in S.S.L.C. or equivalent/ birth certificate will be accepted as proof of age.


Post Basic Diploma in Neonatal Nursing


The course is designed to prepare registered nurses (GNM or BSc) with specialized knowledge, skills, and attitude in providing advanced high-quality neonatal care at the three distinct levels.

The purpose of the course is to train nurses to:
  • Provide quality care to neonates
  • Manage & supervise the care of neonates at all the three levels of care
  • Teach nurses, allied health professionals, parents, and the community in areas related to neonatal nursing
  • Conduct research in areas of neonatal nursing

Eligibility for admission

A candidate seeking admission to the Post Basic Diploma Course should meet the following qualifications and requirements:-
  • Should be a resident of any state in India
  • Registered nurses who have completed GNM/BSc Nursing
  • Should have Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council (KNMC) registration at the time of admission
  • Age limit is 35 years as on 1st December 2015
  • Excellent coaching
    • 100-bed hospital with ISO certification
    • 24-hour casualty
    • 19-bed neonatal intensive care unit
    • Labour room
    • Well-equipped operation theatres
    • Training for all medical and surgical departments
    • Training for students at General Hospital, Mental Health Centre, and Community Centres
  • Quality nursing training
    • State-of-the-art classrooms
    • Experienced teachers
    • Extensive library
    • Large collection of books
    • Availability of national and international journals
    • Well-equipped lab on par with the best standards
    • Computers with internet access
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Provision to remit fees in instalments
  • E-grants for students eligible for fee concession
  • Hostel accommodation for students
  • Transportation services
  • Placement assistance

International Nurses' Day Celebrations 2014

List of District Level Winners - Arts Competition

  • Malayalam Solo (Light Music)
    • Parvathy.S (III YR GNM) - 3rd prize
  • Malayalam Solo (Karaoke)
    • Parvathy.S (III YR GNM) - 2nd prize
  • Group Song - 3rd prize winners
    • Parvathy.S
    • Anjali.S.V
    • Shahina.N.S
    • Chinnumol
    • Reshma.S
    • Jayalekshmi.U
    • Jeena Jayachandran
  • Essay Writing
    • Lavanya.L.V (I YR GNM) - 2nd prize
  • Malayalam Elocution
    • Jeena Jayachandran (III YR GNM) - 3rd prize
  • Malayalam Recitation
    • Ginila.G (Staff) - 3rd prize
  • National Anthem - 2nd prize winners
    • Sreelekha .N.K
    • Smitha Rani.G.V
    • Ginila.G
    • Sangeetha.V.R
    • Rajasree.S.V
    • Geethanjali.G

List of State Level Winners - Arts Competition

  • Solo Song
    • Parvathy.S (III YR GNM)
    • Baby Honey (III YR GNM)
    • Reshma.S (I YR GNM)
  • Elocution (Malayalam)
    • Jeena Jayachandran (III YR GNM)
    • Yesudas .H (III YR GNM)
    • Veena.L (I YR GNM)
  • Essay (Malayalam)
    • Parvathy.S
    • Lavanya.L.V
    • Jeena Jayachandran
  • Fancy Dress
    • Sanjith.S
    • Yesudas.M
  • Malayalam verification.
    • Jeena Jayachandran
    • Lavanya.L.V
  • Pencil Drawing
    • Sreelekshmi.P
    • Priyanka.A.S
    • Monisha.M
  • Group Song
    • Parvathy.S & Party
    • Reshma.S & Party
  • National Anthem
    • Parvathy.S & Party
    • Chinnumol & Party
  • Story Writing (Malayalam)
    • Jeena Jayachandran
    • Parvathy.S
    • Geethu.C
  • Poster Presentation
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