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Healthy diet during pregnanacy

What is the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy?
Healthy eating helps
  • To avoid nutritional deficiencies and overcome problems related to it
  • Provide proper nutrients for the baby for its normal development
  • Build placental tissue, uterine growth & development of breasts to prepare for breast feeding the baby
What do you mean by balanced diet (nutritional diet) in pregnancy?
Balanced diet includes proportionate quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

1.    Carbohydrates
Gives more energy for the activities of the body.
Sources:  Rice, noodles, pasta, bread, & cereal products

2.    Proteins
Helps in growth & brain development.
Sources: Fish, poultry, meat, legumes, nuts, pulses, milk & milk products. Need 2-3 servings per day (Eat moderately)

3.    Fats
Needed only in very minimal quantities
Sources: Ghee, butter, oil, sugar

4.    Vitamins & Minerals
     Fruits & Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins & minerals.  They help in digestion in the pregnant women, immunity & brain developments in the baby.
Sources: Citrous fruits like orange, mousambi, lemon, etc, help in easy digestion of food  & thereby prevent constipation. Fibre-rich vegetables like green leafy vegetables, beans, and root vegetables are good sources of vitamins.  Need 3 to 5 servings per day (Eat plenty)

5.    Folic Acid
Helps prevent defects  of central nervous system of the child & also helps formation of RBCs.
Sources: leafy vegetables, cereals, bread, kidney beans & pulses.

6.    Calcium
Helps in the formation of the bones and teeth of the child.  Also Prevents baby from stealing calcium from mother’s bones, which leads to osteoporosis later on in her life
Sources : Milk & milk products, yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, soya beans & egg

7.    Iron
Helps in formation of RBCs.  Improves level of oxygen carried from mother to baby & prevents iron deficiency anaemia
Sources: Liver, dried beans, raisins, dates, honey, apple, nuts, gooseberry, bitter gourd & green leafy vegetables.
List the problems that can occur if healthy diet is not consumed?

Morning Sickness  - Nausea & vomiting at any time of the day.
How to prevent this?

  • Eat low-fat & easily digestible food such as plain rice, bread toast, cereals, soft fruits, boiled eggs & clear soups
  • Drink lot of fluids, at least 2 litres water per day
  • Avoid spicy, greasy & fried foods. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day.
Heart Burn  - An uncomfortable burning sensation at the centre of the chest
How to prevent this?
  • Avoid coffee, greasy fried and spicy foods
  • Drink lot of water
  • Perform pregnancy exercises regularly   
  • Eat small frequent meals throughout the day
Constipation - Passage of dry and hard stools
How to prevent this?
  • Eat plenty of fibre-rich food such as whole grains, cereals, and vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, beans, tomato, garlic, and fruits rich in vitamins (lemon, orange, etc), banana, berries, guava
  • Drink plenty of fluids
Only healthy mother will get a healthy baby. Always be healthy during pregnancy.
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